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UVBlock® was specifically designed for everyone who drives and struggles with the suns rays. Enjoy the sun without the damage it causes on the skin. All other sun shades in the market are either dark, distracting the driver, too cumbersome to attach onto windows or you have to spend hundreds to have a permanent tint around your car windows. UVBlock® is the perfect solution. Most of us drive and will continue to drive for many years and we shouldn’t increase our chances for skin cancer by unnecessary sun exposure. Over 99% UV coverage!

Glass In Car Windows Doesn’t Fully Protect From Sun’s UV Rays, Could Explain Left-Side Skin Cancer


Driving is Linked to More Skin Cancers on the Left Side of the Body

Sun Exposure While Driving Linked to Cancer

Driving may contribute to deadliest skin cancer

Skin Cancer Linked to Frequent Driving

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